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Here are some of the projects I'm working on. Most of them are open source, so feel free to check them out!
Projects presented here are what I consider in presentable and/or finished state. They might or might not get updates.
Most logos generated using DALL-E mini.


Purpur logo


Purpur is a drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability and new, fun, exciting gameplay features.

Website | Source

PurpurExtras logo


A companion plugin for Purpur server software that adds additional features and improvements.

Website | Source

CommandWhitelist logo


Minecraft bukkit plugin that allows to control precisely what commands players can see and use.

Website | Source

PreventStabby logo


Minecraft bukkit plugin that gives more control over PvP capabilities.

Website | Source

Censura logo


Advanced censorship plugin for bukkit minecraft servers.

Website | Source

NotJustNameplates logo


Minecraft purpur plugin replacing player nametags with display entities for ultimate control over them.

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MeAPI logo


API about me. See if I'm online, and if so, what game I'm playing.

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Interesting website of the Day logo

Interesting Website of the Day

Daily showcase of interesting websites from my personal database.


Guild Master logo

Guild Master

Adventurer's guild management browser game.

Website | Source

Dumb Forks Generator logo

Dumb Forks Generator

PHP name generator for dumb minecraft server software fork names.


Guess the Anime logo

Guess the Anime

A game where you guess an anime title based off blurred art and a synopsis.

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